Pilot Facilities & Seaming Training

For Food Cans and Promotional Packaging 

Pilot Facilities

Taking the lead in bringing an innovative new product to consumers is a key component for success in today’s competitive marketplace.  

Testing processes can elongate product development, as they occupy valuable line space and slow the production of existing products. We offer our customers access to fully equipped pilot facilities for packaging and decorating technology at our global research, development and engineering centers. 

At our pilot facilities, we can conduct extensive testing on new packaging products in an environment that replicates the conditions in which that packaging is filled, processed, used, and handled by our customers. All projects are handled with complete confidentiality without disrupting your manufacturing lines. These pilot facilities, along with the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and modeling, enable us to greatly reduce promotional packaging development time scales and increase the success rate of new products in the marketplace. 

Our pilot facilities offer expertise in:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Analytical modeling
  • Advanced materials evaluation
  • Process monitoring
  • Food science
  • Packaging performance
  • Pack testing

Additionally, our New Product Development teams are available globally and ready to transform your design brief into reality. Our teams have the expertise and in-house resources to provide you with a solution, cost quotation and a physical prototype in a short turnaround time without having to send packaging back to central facilities for redesign or adjustments. 

Seaming Training 

Seaming is the most critical – and demanding – element of a steel food can production line, as it prevents leaks, quality issues and costly product recalls.

Double seaming is as equally demanding in steel food cans – making the need for customer support that much more imperative for food brands.

Our team offers on-site training programs specifically tailored to your needs, that include technical guidance, tooling equipment optimization, and the flexibility of conducting on-site training at your own facilities around the world.